Secretary for Pharmacy - Report Fall 2009

Dr. Amarilys de Toledo Cesar (Brazil)


We commemorated the Day of Homeopathy in Brazil (Nov. 21, 2008) and the Health International Day – Focus on Alternative-Complementary Health (April 7, 2009) with open lectures in parks in São Paulo, Brazil, and the support from homeopathic associations, including LMHI, suppliers and homeopathic pharmacies.

The First Seminar on Homeopathic Pharmacy in Quito, Equador, occured in October 2008, including four days of theory and practical lectures. Fernando Flores Villalva book about LM potencies was translated into Portuguese. Our group published a paper about Homeopathy and Depression at http://ecam.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/content/full/nep114.

Read about VII Brazilian Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Congress, in September http://www.abfh.com.br/VIICBFH/ and International Journal of High Dilution Research (IJHDR, http://www.feg.unesp.br/ijhdr), a free electronic indexed journal, in English.

The draft text “Definition of the homeopathic remedy” is waiting for your comments. Ask your NVP.

The program of the Pharmaceutical Section during Warsaw LMHI congress was about Korsakov, Continuous Fluxion and LM or Q potencies. For the next LMHI 2010 Congress, in California, the LM potencies are again on the program, showing the preparation and the posology from Hahnemann.