LMHI President fosters relations with Brazilian Homeopathic Medical Associations

Dr. Jose Matuk Kanan - New LMHI President.jpgLMHI President Dr. Jose Matuk Kanan personally traveled to Brazil in July 2012 to promote medical homeopathy in Brazil and to renew and foster the relations between the homeopathic world organization Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis and the Brazilian homeopathic medical associations.

In meetings with Brazilian homeopathic medical associations Matuk underlined the global objectives and principles of the LMHI and put emphasis on the importance of supporting these goals by actively joining the LMHI. “One of the main objectives of the LMHI is to meet its principle of being a world-wide union with the countries of the world”, Matuk stated. Calling Brazil “a real power in homeopathy”, he praised the ongoing developments in the areas of teaching, research, dentistry and pharmacy, as well as the impressive number of medical homeopaths, including dentists, pharmacists and veterinarians in Brazil. In recent years, the situation of homeopathy in Brazil has been undergoing an expansion process and homeopathy has become a part of the Brazilian Public Health System, thus providing significant sustainable support to the PNPIC, the National Policy for the Integrative and Complementary Practices within the Brazilian Unique Health System SUS. “Such results were achieved through significant contributions given by all colleagues working for the public health system in our country”, stated the LMHI’s Contact Person for Brazil in his Country Report 2011.

The meeting with leading representatives of homeopathy in Brazil was held in Rio de Janeiro on 20 July 2012. It was initiated and organized by the former LMHI Secretary for Dentistry Dr Gloria Feighelstein, who has supported and coordinated the process of spreading medical homeopathy in Brazil for many years. Dr. Francisco Vargas de Oliveira Villela, President of the Brazilian Medical Association (AMHERJ) of Rio de Janeiro, presented the status of homeopathy in Brazil. Also present were high-level representatives from medical universities and teaching institutions, homeopathic hospitals, research, pharmaceutical, dentistry and verterinarian associations, including Dr. Amarilys Toledo Cesar, Director of the Homeopathic Pharmacy Association (ABSH) in Brazil and former LMHI Secretary for Pharmacy. In addition to the common wish for an overall increase in communication, the LMHI President and the participants discussed the concrete possibilities and mutual requirements of the future cooperation between the LMHI and the various Brazilian homeopathy federations and institutions.

The 70th LMHI Congress 2015 will be held in Brazil

As one of the main results of the presidential visit, the LMHI awarded to the Brazilian Medical Homeopathy Association (Associação Médica Homeopática Brasileira, AMHB) the opportunity to host the 70th LMHI Congress to Rio de Janeiro. The congress will also include pharmacy, dentistry and veterinary sessions and will be supported by the Brazilian medical universities and non-government organizations (NGO). Welcome back, Brazil!