The Liga on the Summit

LMHI-President Dr. Ulrich D. Fischer hoists Liga Banner on the Top of the Kilimanjaro

  LMHI President Fischer on top of the Kilimanjaro

A group of colleagues from Freiburg/Germany realized a long existing dream and had a successful trip on the Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), reaching the Uhuru-Peak, Africa´s highest point.

It was for sure an exhausting trip but also a very exciting one, walking and climbing through rain forest, heath- and moorland and alpine desert with a group of good friends.

And without any doubt, the LIGA and its purpose of connecting all homeopathic medical doctors of the world -as well as Homeopathy with all her "timeless qualities" have been on board - and have been taken exactly where they belong to: To top of the events and on the summit....

Dr. Ulrich D. Fischer