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National Vice-President for Argentina

  Dra. Silvia C. Mercado - NVP Argentina

Dra. Silvia C. Mercado

Av. Rivadavia 4509. Piso 11, Depto 136. Ciudad Aut. de Buenos Aires.
Teléfono: 4982-1156

E-Mail: argentina[at]lmhint.net


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Status of Homeopathy in Argentina

Homeopathy in Argentina is recognized for its well-known tradition and its high academic standards. Homeopathic training in Argentina is guaranteed in high-level courses for medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians and pharmacists by institutions that follow the educational standards suggested by the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI). Teachers from Argentinean institutions are frequently requested in different countries of the world because of their level of excellence. This shows that Argentinean homeopathy is still valid since the times of Dr. Tomás Pablo Paschero, who was a well-known President of the LMHI.

The Federación de Asociaciones Médicas Homeopáticas Argentinas (FAMHA, or Federation of Argentinean Homeopathic Medical Associations) unites prestigious educational institutions that keep the legacy alive. The FAMHA continues fighting for homeopathy's legal recognition. In that regard, homeopaths are allowed to prescribe homeopathic remedies, but the practice of this therapeutic method has not yet been considered a medical act. Despite being criticized and attacked by conservative groups among the health system, homeopathy in Argentina is appreciated in other health environments and by all the patients who have benefited from this healing methodology.

Our country has already begun to work on the preparations to host the 71st LMHI Congress, to be held in Buenos Aires in 2016.

History of Homeopathy in Argentina

The first references about the use of homeopathic medicines in Argentina date back to 1817, the year in which Hahnemann struggled to defend his ideas about a new therapeutic system that had already been enunciated in his principles by Hypocrites. At that time, General San Martín crossed the mountain range of Los Andes bringing with him a homeopathic medicine kit given to him by his friend Don Angel Correa, who had recently brought it from Europe. This kit would help him to mitigate the sufferings caused by arthrosis and a gastro duodenal ulcer that pained him...

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