Prof. Dr. Bhupinder Sharma - NC for Canada

National Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Bhupinder Sharma, M.D. (Hom.)

2649, Islington Avenue
Etobicoke, Ontario, M9V2X6


Associated Member Organization:

  • Homeopathic Medical Association of Canada, www.hmac.ca

Homeopathy in Canada 2013

The Transitional Council of College of Homeopaths of Ontario is working to regulate the homeopathy in Ontario by developing the competency-based assessment tools through which individual applicants’competencies are demonstrated. New registrants are to familiarize themselves with the Entry to Practice Competency Profile for Homeopaths practicing in Ontario. A Jurisprudence Program addressing ethics and safety is also being developed. The Council is drafting tools to ensure that its curriculum meets the competency profile for practicing homeopaths. The Canadian Homeopathic Conference was held for the third consecutive year by homeopathic associations in Ontario and SPHQ of Quebec in October 2013. The Conference brings the homeopathic community together annually to get the current information on homeopathy around the world. Pre-registration for the new College of Homeopaths of Ontario should start in 2013.

History of Homeopathy in Canada

Homeopathy arrived in Canada in the province of Ontario around the year 1840, and two years later in Quebec. It gained full professional status and established several homeopathic medical institutions. Recently, in January 2011, a popular TV channel telecasted a special show questioning the efficacy of Homeopathy in the wake of Ontario homeopaths getting regulated, by quoting that since Ontario will be the first province to regulate homeopathy - Is Homeopathy a Cure or Con - lending credibility to this unproven practice. The entire homeopathic community of Canada joined together under one platform to condemn the TV show noting that the telecast showed complete lack of respect and understanding of a time honored system of medical treatment used around the world. All the homeopathic associations in Ontario and Canada have opposed such moves by the media through TV interviews by Homeopathic Experts and creating public awareness write ups in their respective web sites. There are more than 11 provincial and national level homeopathic associations in Canada.

Full report "History of Homeopathy in Canada"