LMHI Bulgaria

  Dora Patschova - NVP Bulgaria

National Vice-President

Dr. Dora Patchova

E-Mail: bulgaria@lmhint.net


LMHI Institutional Member Organization

Association of Homeopathic Physicians in Bulgaria (AHPB), www.homeopathybulgaria.org/

Homeopathy in Bulgaria 2013

The National Conference of AHPB, lectures for GP’s during Homeopathy Week, and courses of Homeopathic School Edicta (ECH licensed), were accredited by the Bulgarian Medical Association. The Conference was attended by 305 homeopaths, general practitioners, dentists, and pharmacists. After this success, the media reacted to the anti-homeopathic wave. The managing board chose homeopathic members to serve as media representatives, preparing written instructions for them with assistance from public relations professionals and journalists. Concentrating our efforts for Homeopathy Week, April 2013, we organized lectures for GPs and the general public, focusing on “Stress, Thyroid Diseases, and Homeopathy.”Prof. Dr. Ajit Kulkarni gave lectures to 525 doctors in four towns. Additionally, there have been free consultations in seven towns. The homeopathic media representatives gave many interviews locally and nationally with positive feedback.