LMHI National Vice-President for China

  NVP China - Dr. Steve An Xue Dr. Steve An Xue, Ph.D., M.C.M.

The University of Hong Kong
5/F Room 5B19 Prince Philip Dental Hospital
34 Hospital Road Hong Kong
Office Telephone: +86 852 2859 0581


E-Mail: heliaoyixue[at]gmail.com

National LMHI-Member Organization:

Homeopathy in China: LMHI Report 2010

Homeopathy has been gaining gradual, consistent and solid emergence in China. A group of like-minded Chinese doctors have completed drafting the constitution for LMHI-China, and efforts have been made to secure Chinese governmental approval for the organization. The holistic and homeopathic research lab at the University of Hong Kong directed by Dr. Steve Xue aims at advancing homeopathic research and potentizing Traditional Chinese herbal formula with classical homeopathic principles. Animal and human clinical data demonstrate significant clinical effectiveness, and the reports are being submitted for publication in J. of Homeopathy and for presentation at Latvia LMHI congress. Clinical research has also been conducted to investigate clinical effectiveness of homeopathy for children with Autism, and adults with psychosomatic disorders.

We have recently completed the Chinese translation of Revised Kent's Homeopathic Repertory Materia Medica, and the book and electronic versions of the program are now available to Chinese medical professional. We plan to complete the translation of all reputable and major programs of contemporary repertory and material medica in the coming years. Homeopathic lectures were conducted at Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and similar lectures have been planned for at Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. National grants have been sought to support homeopathic education and training in accordance with the educational guidelines of LMHI and the highest standards of homeopathic physicians' education as outlined by European Committee of Homeopathy and state homeopathic organizations in North America.