65th LMHI Congress in Redondo Beach, 18-22 May 2010

"A Homeopathic Odyssey" Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Organon of Medicine

Redondo Beach, California/USA
18-22 May 2010

More than 400 participants from 27 different countries of the world came together in Redondo Beach from 18-22 May to jointly celebrate the 200th anniversary of Hahnemann's "Organon of Medicine" and to listen to the lectures given by renowned international homeopaths.

  logo_pdf "The Organon of the Healing Art" - Opening Lecture by former LMHI-President Dr. Ulrich D. Fischer

LIGA 65th Congress Proceedings

The complete edition of the 65th LIGA Congress can be ordered online. All available presentations not on the distributed CD can be downloaded from the AIH Website at www.homeopathyusa.org

New LMHI Executive Committee Elected

Prior to the Congress opening the LMHI's International Council, consisting of the National Vice Presidents from about 70 LMHI member countries, elected a new Executive Committee on May 18. The new President is Dr. Jose Matuk Kanan (Mexico).

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