LMHI Report 2010 - Spain

By Dr. Antonio Marques Arpa, NVP for Spain


In September 2009, the Health and Consumer Commission of the Spanish Parliament proved unanimously "Homeopathy as a Medical Act" and called on the government to provide more legal regulation. In October 2009, the "II Journey of Homeopathy, Investigation and Science" took place, that counted on prestigious speakers and was supported by first medical, political and academic authorities. In December 2009, the assembly of Presidents from Spanish Medical Colleges ratified Homeopathy as a Medical Act. In Februar 2010, gatherings were initiated with the Medical Spanisch Association (OMC) and with other representatives from the MCA in order to promote a professional statute to the Ministry of Health. In June 2010, the IV National Congress of Homeopathy took place in Barcelona. The new legal registration of Homeopathic remedies is still pending. The project of the National Magazine of Homeopathy is ahead and the fourth issue has been published. It is convenient for associations that the necessity of a systematic work in collaboration with the media must be carried out.


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