National Vice-President for Japan

    NVP Japan  

Dr. Ronko Itamura, JPSH
Iidabashi-Hightown 724
Tokyo 162-0822

E-mail: japan@lmhint.net


Institutional LMHI Member (Affiliated Association)

LMHI Report 2008

In the past 10 years, homeopathy has gradually become known, with an increasing demand for homeopathic consultation. However, homeopathic medicines are not recognized by the Ministry of Welfare and Medicine. Most complementary therapy is not covered by health insurance. There are no legal controls to prevent people from practicing homeopathy without certification. We have made progress in promoting homeopathy and have achieved encouraging results in our patients. We hope to consolidate our position and lobby the government for homeopathy’s official recognition.

We are honored to have the chance of holding the LIGA Congress in Nara in 2012, which is a beautiful city near Kyoto with high-class facilities for seminars, conferences and after-conference entertainment. We look forward to providing an excellent environment for a first-class productive learning experience in Nara.


After a long period of homeopathy lacking recognition, it has gradually come to be known in Japan, with an increasing demand for consulting homeopathic doctors. However, there are no specific legal controls or certification that prevent people from practicing homeopathy unsafely. For example, several years ago, few private school for ordinary people (and a very few medical practitioners) to practice homeopathy and there are some profit-making non-medical bodies in action.

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