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National Vice-President for France

  Philippe Servais - NVP France Dr. Philippe Servais
18, Rue Littré
75006 Paris


E-Mail: france(at)lmhint.net

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LMHI France

For the first time, LMHI France was represented at the LMHI Congress 2011 by an entire delegation. This was used as an opportunity to present their work accomplished in France in the past year and to show how research and clinical practice are alive there. LMHI France has continued their efforts to bring together the different teaching schools and the many associations of all regions of the country. This dynamic of unification can only bear fruit. Great efforts have been made in 2011 to create a comprehensive website on French homeopathy which includes information for both the public and the homeopathic physicians or those who want to learn and train themselves: www.inhfparis.com.

As regards education, the French National Institute of Homeopathy, accredited by the European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH), ensures an education (unicist) of high quality in the following two schools: INHF-Paris and Dauphiné-Savoie. LMHI France started to create "nformation links" in order to allow the pluralists to discover classic homeopathy. The decreasing tension gives hope for the future. With regard to research in homeopathy, the situation is equally encouraging: new provings and clinical research. French homeopaths were very happy to come and meet their counterparts in India, knowing the high quality of the Indian tradition in Homeopathy!

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The history of homeopathy in France

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