Czech Republic

National Vice-President for the Czech Republic

Eliska Krejcovà
Purkynova 475/15
Zd'ar nad Sazavou
591 02

Czech Republic

E-Mail: czechrepublic[at]lmhint.net

National Member Organization:
Czech Medical Homeopathic Association (ČLHS), www.homeopatie-lekarska.cz 

Czech LMHI Report

There is no progress in legislation pertaining to homeopathy presently. Hopefully, the new parliamentary election in May 2010 will result in something new.


  • We obtained the ECH accreditation for our homeopathic school, giving prestige to our association.
  • We have started the new year-school of our homeopathic basic course with sixteen new students.
  • We have organized two seminars in the past year and a very successful homeopathic summer school.

On the other hand, we experienced a “homeopathic crisis,” meaning we saw low participation on seminars and few articles submitted for publication to our magazine.

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