LMHI Estonia

National Vice President  

Dr. Saima Tisler
14 Osja Road
12013 Tallinn


E-Mail. estonia@lmhint.net


National Organization:
Estonian Homeopathic Union (EHU), http://homeopathy.ee

Estonian LMHI Report 2010

In 2010, Estonian homeopaths have been rather active. Different homeopathic unions have organised several seminars and courses. The development of EHU (Estonian Homeopathic Union) has been stable. Meetings and patients' discussions have been held regularly. Neither the number of homeopaths nor the number of LMHI rnembers have changed significantly. Due to the economic downrun, quite a few homeopaths have started private practices and hence, the popularity of homeopathy in Estonia has risen. While considering different schools that have influenced homeopaths in Estonia, the Belgian-Russian, Finnish, Mr. Vithoulkas' (Greek) and British schools have remained the most dominant. The doctor-homeopaths have continuously been visiting courses in Bulgaria, Russia (in Moscow and St. Petersburg), Finland and Greece. Since 2008, Estonian Qualification Authority has yielded 15 Homeopathic Qualifications. Over the past year under ten publications on homeopathy have been published in Estonian media. In addition, an article of my own on homeopathy has been published and 1 performed in the Estonian television.