Argentinian LMHI Report 2009

Austrian LMHI Report 2009

Report by the National Vice-President for Austria

Homeopathy continues to grow in medical practices and teaching. The Federation of Argentine Homeopathic Medical Associations (FAMHA) struggles for homeopathy's legal recognition as a medical act. Currently, physicians are authorized to prescribe what they believe is appropriate for their patients' health, including homeopathic medicine. Therefore, homeopathic medical prescriptions are legal. According to the law, homeopathic physicians use the same medical knowledge and process in the evaluation and diagnosis of different pathologies, differing only in the treatment modality. The FAMHA works to consolidate our homeopathic science in accordance with national and international standards. Some Universities teach homeopathic courses. Homeopathic education is offered to doctors, dentists, veterinarians and pharmacists via several homeopathic colleges, with full or part-time attendance modality, including the implementation of teaching systems via Internet such as the Candegabe Homeopathic University.

The FEDERATION OF ARGENTINE HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL ASSOCIATIONS (FAMHA) continues struggling for the legal recognition of such practice as a medical act.
Until today in Argentina, physicians are authorized to prescribe their patients what they believe it is convenient for their health, including the Homeopathic Medicine. According to the law in force, they use the same knowledge and medical process in the assistance and diagnosis of different pathologies, differing only in the treatments modality.
The FAMHA supports and works in compliment of its specific purpose, consolidating our Homeopathic Science at National and International standards, before Official Deontological and Divulgational Organisms, for the good health and for the human being.

In growth
Some Universities guarantee Homeopathic Courses.
On October 19th, 26th, 27th, 2007, the CEMHHCba. together with SAMH and AMHA participated in the first (1º) Informative Journals of Non Traditional and Ancestral Medicines of the Catholic University of Córdoba city, requiring senior students the obligatory attendance. Due to this, the annual dictation of such journal was established.
The Catholic University of Córdoba requested CEMHHCba. and SAMH (Córdoba)
the presentation of the Homeopathic Medicine Programme that includes four annual modulus. Such Programme is being evaluated by University authorities.

Homeopathic Colleges
The teaching of such Medicine is given to professional Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians and Pharmacists by means of several Homeopathic Colleges, with full or part-time attendance modality, including the implementation of teaching systems via Internet of the Candegabe Homeopathic University.
In Argentina the Homeopathic colleges are at present classified in "Federadas" (federals) which are seven, and "No Federadas" ( non federals) which are five.

The FAMHA Congresses are fulfilled every two years.
The 7th (seventh) Congress of FAMHA 2008 will be fulfilled in Buenos Aires city on October from 23rd to 25th. It is in charge of EMHA (Argentine Homeopathic Medicine College)

Miriam E. García de Vallerotto
Vicepresidente 2007- 2008

For more information:
Miriam E. García de Vallerotto
Castro Barros 1043-Córdoba Argentina
E-mail: info@cemhhcba.org.ar

Escuelas Federadas (Federals Colleges)

Asociación Médica Homeopática Argentina
Juncal 2884 - (1426) Buenos Aires - Argentina
Tel.: (005411) 4826-0911 Fax: (005411) 4826-5852
E-mail: info@amha.org.ar

Escuela Médica Homeopática Argentina
"Tomás Pablo Paschero"
Sánchez de Bustamante 278 - Capital Federal. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tels.: 005411-48611515 / 4862-5042 / 4865-2923
E-mail: info@escuelapaschero.com.ar / escuelamedica@speedy.com.ar

Centro De Estudios Medicos Homeopaticos Hahnemannianos De Cordoba

Hahnemann Homeopathic Center's of Medical Studies of Córdoba

9 de Julio 1606, B. Alberdi
(5000 Córdoba)
Tel: + 54- 351- 4870194

E-mail: cemhhcba@yahoo.com.ar / info@cemhhcba.org.ar

Instituto de Altos Estudios Homeopáticos
"James Tyler Kent"

Nicaragua 4665
1414- Capital Federal
Tel.: (++54 11) 4 775-9108 - 4 773-6955 Tel. fax 4432-1230

E-mail :iaehjtkent@yahoo.com.ar

Fundación Academia de Homeopatía del Tucumán
Foundation Homeopathic Academy's of Tucumán

Las Piedras 1366 -
San Miguel de Tucumán
Tel.: (++54 381) 4244188

E-mail: academiahomeotuc@infovia.com.ar
Academia de Homeopatía
"Dr. Constantino Hering"

Rivadavia 2134 piso 5 Dpto B
1034 - Capital Federal -
Te/fax: (++54 11) 4954-3098

Departamento de Homeopatía
Facultad de Ciencias Médicas
Universidad Maimónides

Hidalgo 775, (1405) Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel/fax: (54-11) 4905-1142

Escuelas No Federadas (Non Federals Colleges)

Fundación Centro Argentino de Homeopatía Hahnemanniana

Mariano Acosta 70
1407 - Capital Federal -

FCAHH www.fundacion-hahnemann.com
E-mail: hahnemann@sinectis.com.ar

Fundación Médica Homeopática del NOA.

Moreno 122
4000 - San Miguel de Tucumán -
E-mail fmhdelnoa@hotmail.com.ar

Sociedad Argentina de Medicina Homeopática (SAMH)

Catamarca 839
Barrio General Paz
5000 Córdoba
Te. 54-0351-4238568

www. Sociedadhomeopática.com.ar
E-mail: info@sociedadhomeopatica.com.ar