The History of Homeopathy in Iran

The history of homeopathy in Iran can be classified into two time periods:

In the first period, some homeopaths were involved in medical practice discretely, and undoubtedly the late Dr. Baharmand can be counted as the first Iranian homeopath. He, in 1924, began homeopathic medical practice in an office adjacent to the British embassy. After him, we can name the late Dr. Tabibi who continued the practise of homeopathy in the vicinity of Karimkhan Street in Tehran and delivered homeopathic medications to the patients with cooperation of the Red Crescent. The last one of the previous generation of homeopaths is Professor Jam who is one of the founders of Tabriz faculty of medicine. He facilitated the familiarization of homeopathy by holding several seminars in this faculty. Long retired now at the age of 90+, Dr. Jam is living in Tehran.

The second generation of homeopaths is indebted to Dr. Naaseri (Ph D in Aerospace Studies). The movement begun by him in Iran led to free homeopathy classes at the School of Medicine of Tehran Islamic Azad University, and also at Uromia University. He also treated many patients without any fee. But because he was not a physician, he was treated unkindly by Health authorities and consequently he returned to England.
Dr. Mirzazadeh was invited by the authorities of Ministry of Health and came from Germany to Iran. He also held free classes to train a small group of homeopaths. He continues to practise in Tehran.

Some students of Dr. Naaseri and Dr. Mirzazadeh progressed and themselves became experts in homeopathy and teachers - some now have International fame.
Here, we must name Mr. Gholam-Hossein Beheshti who has always played an effective role in the promotion of homeopathy. He played an important role in arranging homeopathy classes as well as teaching in particular the philosophy of homeopathy. In this way, he paved the path for the development and extension of homeopathy throughout the country via different seminars held in various culture centers.

On 26 October 1995, the Supreme Council of Assessment of the Ministry of Treatment and Medical Education recognized Homeopathy as a therapeutic method, and finally
on 16 January 1999, the regulations related to homeopathic physicians were communicated by the Minister of Health, Dr. Farhadi, to the education deputy of the Ministry and it was communicated to the medical sciences universities for immediate action. After this official recognition, nine physicians decided to establish a homeopathic association and they submitted a request to the Ministry of Interior. After a while, Ministry of Health and Treatment and Medical Education replied positively to the inquiry from Ministry of Interior by the letter No.: A/10001, and eventually the permit for commencing activities of the association was issued.

The association's founding board composed of Dr. Mazaherinezhad, Dr. Movaffagh and Dr. Yousefizadeh was formed. Commencing work on 20 December 2001, members under the supervision of an official representative of the Ministry of Interior, as an initial task they prepared the Articles of the Association and organised and held the first general assembly of the founding members in October 2002. At this meeting, a 5-member administrative board was elected by 130 homeopathic physicians in for first time as follow:
• Dr. Ardavan Shahrdar as president
• Dr. Mehdi Movafaghsharif as vice president
• Dr. Ali Mazaherinezhad as General Secretary
• Dr. Faranak Farzad as Treasurer
• Dr. Siamak Youssefizadeh

The first IHA board of director 2002-2005 had lots of correspondence with national and international organizations and played an active role in the legalization of homeopathy in Iran. During this period IHA had many contacts with international organizations such as ICCH and AHML and at last became a member of LMHI. IHA owes Dr Shahrdar for his great effort on international contacts. On the other hand the directorial board was active in national accreditation of homeopathy by corresponding with The Ministry of Health, and Health Commission of parliament. During this period, Tehran University begin a 2 year course of Homeopathy through the endless efforts of Dr. Bijan Radmehr and Dr. Amirabbas Jafary. This course still continues to date.

In July 2005, the 2nd administrative board was elected by IHA members as follow:
• Dr. Ali Mazaherinezhad as president
• Dr. Fazel Hamidbehnam as vice president
• Dr. Farbod Rahnamaie-Chitsaz as General Secretary
• Dr. Arash Ahmadi as Treasurer
• Dr. Behnoosh Nooshee