Costa Rica - LMHI Report 2008

By Dr. Alejandro Brenes-Valverde

The Costa Rica Homeopathic Medical Foundation (CRHMF), funda_homeop@yahoo.com, has developed a project to integrate homeopathy in public health services. In the past 20 years, CRHMF experienced three different stages:

1) 1986-1999: Focus on the medical diffusion of homeopathy, principally in the National Medical Congress, organized by the Scientific Committee, Surgeons & Medical Board of Costa Rica. It had detected increasing interest to homeopathy of pharmaceutics, veterinarian, nutritionist, psychologist and health science students.

2) 2000-2006: The CRHFM was accepted as entity for homeopathic education by the National Recertification Medical Committee. A three-year program "Homeopathy in General Medicine" was completed for 29 medical doctors in 2007.

3) Since 2007: The CRHMF has been integrated into a research team to study the experiences of a homeopathic medical consultation, developed in the education program, with the interest of a social security clinic to evaluate how to integrate homeopathy in the medical services.