National Vice President for Romania

  Dr. Atena Iona Antonescu - NVP Romania

Dr. Atena Iona Antonescu


E-Mail: romania@lmhint.net

National Homeopathic Organization

ArsMedica, www.arsmedica.ro

LMHI Report 2008

Last September, at the XXII National Congress, a new interim team was elected to lead the Romanian Homeopathic Society. The new president is Dr. Doina Pavlovschi. Changes in the Statutes have also been proposed and voted upon, and the new Statutes are in the process of gaining official recognition as per Romanian law. The National Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (formerly the National Center for Homeopathy and Acupuncture) was established in October 2007. In elegant new headquarters, it should become the leading force in research and education in the Romanian CAM fields. The practice of homeopathy is legal and clearly regulated since 1981: only medical doctors can lawfully practice homeopathy after completing the 3-year course and passing the full license examination.


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