National Vice President for Italy

Dr. Francesco Marino - NVP Italy

Dr. Francesco V. Marino
Via della Divisione Torino 6
00143 ROMA


E-Mail: dr.fmarino@libero.it


National Homeopathic Organizations

LMHI Country Report

In 2012, the situation of homeopathy has suffered from the economic crisis that has hit the country. Laboratories have noticed a drop in sales of homeopathic medicines and homeopaths have seen a decrease in the number of visits per year. The government has not made progress toward recognizing the validity and effectiveness of homeopathy. The hostile campaign of the health authorities against homeopathy continues, supported by the important newspapers. The political parties represented in Parliament are seeking to develop a bill to regulate homeopathy. The Italian LMHI Vice President completed a survey on homeopathy for adults and children organized by Euroconsumer. The spread of homeopathy is continued by FIAMO, FOI, LUIMO, and SIMO through teaching, learning, and political lobbying. They try to interest the authorities in the introduction of rules for the manufacture of homeopathic medicine.


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