Czech Country Report 2008

The Annual LMHI National Vice-President Report - May 1, 2008


Number of members: 238

Organisation: ČLHS- The Czech Medical Homeopathic Association
Address: Čestmírova 1, Prague 4, 140 00, Czech Republic

The other homeopathic organisations
CHS - Czech Homeopathic Association. Address: Elisky Premyslovny 380, Prague 5, 156 00, Czech Republic.
CKKH - Czech Chamber Of Classical Homeopathy. Address: Hlavní 61, Brno, 624 00, Czech Republic.

Teaching activities:
The basic course- 3 years course based on ECH and LMHI standards. 10 students graduated this year. Another first year has started in September 2007 and there are 18 new students.
The 3 years undergraduate training with Will Taylor has finished. The next one with Chaim Rosenthal continues (one theme in 4 seminars, two of them already happened within last 2 years).
We organize the popular summer school every year. Will Taylor and Louis Klein will participate in the summer school this year.
We have started practical supervisions this year. Students of our school have to participate in 40 hours. But the supervision is open for all interested homeopaths as well.
We have a very active veterinary section. There are regular seminars and congresses organised by veterinary doctors practicing homeopathy. They organize lectures for students and teachers of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University in Brno city as well. They plan to organize this cycle of lectures for the University every year.

Homeopathic Library
We have had a homeopathic library since 2002.
Address: TCM Clinic, Opletalova 8, Prague 1,11000, Czech Republic

Homeopathic Laboratories
NHL Zdravi s.r.o., Nadrazni 726/161, 702 00, Ostrava, Czech Republic
8. Homeopathic Magazines
"Homeopatické listy"- issued by CLHS, Čestmírova 1, Prague 4, 140 00, Czech
"Arnika"- issued by Jitka Studnicna, Binova 12, 182 00, Prague 8, Czech Republic.
"Homeopatické listy"- are published by our association (ČLHS) twice a year. Many interesting cases, dialogs, discussions etc. are published in it.
Here is a new conception to become more open to related trends not just in Czech republic but abroad as well. New editors have started to publish serial of interviews with homeopaths from other countries to illustrate the situation of homeopathy in the world around.

The Czech version of "The Homeopathic Links" was discontinued.

Homeopathic Websites

New conception and new look of web pages came with the formation of new redaction. There is also English link to seminars organized in Czech Republic.
Another web page related to homeopathy occurred.
www.homeopatie.ivories.cz is very interactive web sites with various links to related themes and is open for professionals and public as well.


Our organisation is a member of Czech organisation, The Association of Physicians and Therapists Using Complementary Medicine. This organisation was established in 2003 and its main goal is cover all legislative and regulatory aspects of the complementary medicine in our country.