History of Homeopathy in the Czech Republic

  • 1990 Czech-Moravian Homeopathic Association was established in November
  • 1991 The first postgradual education in homeopathy was led by lectors from Germany, France, Austria, England and Italy (200 hours, 60 participants-doctors and pharmacists)
  • 1991 Homeopathy and acupuncture were, thanks to support of Dr. Schwarzenberg, declared by the Minister of Health as a medical treatment
  • 1991 The Homeopathic Association was incorporated into the Czech Medical Association
  • 1993 The Czech Medical Chamber issued a pronouncement that only doctors with relevant licence can provide homeopathic treatment
  • 1994 The Homeopathic Association became a member of the LMHI
  • 1996 The Homeopathic Association was excluded from the Czech Medical Association because of increasing pressures of opponents of homeopathy. The Czech-Moravian Homeopathic Association lodged an appeal gradually as far as with the court in Strasburg, which found it as lawless act but it had no effect on the exclusion. Consequently, a new Czech Medical Homeopathic Association was established
  • 1998 A new Medicine Act was issued. Homeopathic remedies were defined as "medicine". This probably was the last positive act in the field of recognition of CAM in Czech republic till now