National Vice President for Switzerland

Dr. Franziska Bläuer

Dr. Franziska Bläuer
Franziska Bläuer
Florastrasse 14
8610 Uster


E-Mail: switzerland[at]lmhint.net


LMHI Member Association in Switzerland:

Schweizerischer Verein Homöopathischer Ärztinnen und Ärzte, SVHA
(Swiss Association of Homeopathic Physicians)
Website: www.svha.ch

LMHI Report: Homeopathy in Switzerland

Since the beginning of 2012, medical CAM Therapies such as Homoeopathy, Anthroposophic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Phytotherapy are reimbursed by the Compulsory Basic Health Insurance. Now every citizen has access to homeopathic treatment. The Swiss Health Ministry, however, demands that each organization must present a cost-effectiveness study.

The Swiss homeopathic pharmacists' organization (SAGH/OSPH) is in charge of a diploma for homeopathy for pharmacists, but their basic and continued homeopathic training occurs mostly with medical doctors. There are a fewer doctors passing the exam in homeopathy. Basic training is best accomplished during the medical studies, the SVHA therefore conducts a workshop at the annual Swiss Medical Student Convention.

The 2012 Swiss homoeopathic teachers' meeting brought together experienced physicians practising homoeopathy for many years and young students recently graduated in homoeopathy or assistant physicians. Many questions were raised about the daily work as family doctors practising homoeopathy. The young colleagues explained their needs to facilitate their homeopathic training in order to be granted the "Certificate of Capacity", which enables them to charge homoeopathic positions to the Compulsory Basic Health Insurance. In addition, the options for enhanced stage or practical training were discussed.

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