LMHI Germany

  Cornelia Bajic, LMHI Germany

NVP Germany
Cornelia Bajic
Am Hofgarten 5
53113 Bonn

E-Mail: germany@lmhint.net

National Organization (Institutional Member):
Deutscher Zentralverein homöopathischer Ärzte (DZVhÄ), www.welt-der-homoeopathie.de

Country Report

The Deutscher Zentralverein Homöopathischer Ärzte is constituted from eleven regional associations .Work concerning the individual members and homeopathic education is taking place on the federal level; also, many interesting seminars are organized by the Landesverbände. Work on the central level (Zentralverein) consists of political lobbying and collaboration with other homeopathic or political organizations. One major achievement in 2007 was the expansion of the “Verträge für integrierte Versorgung mit Homöopathie” (contracts with over 100 primary insurances who pay for homeopathic treatment). In Köthen the ancient building next to Hahnemann`s house will be the site for a library and for the Master Study Project which, in collaboration with a German university, will be starting in 2009 and enhancing the level of research and education in homeopathy in Germany.



The history of homeopathy in Germany