Turkey - Full LMHI Report 2008



Dear Colleagues;

Currently Turkish Ministry of Health still has not passed an act, which regulates Traditional and Complementary Alternative Medicine. Therefore among other specialties homeopathy as well is not legally recognized. Though homeopathy is not regulated the physicians preserve all the rights to treat their patients at all means, which conversely allows the physician to practice homeopathy in this case. One of the main problems we battle is the inconveniences of not having the freedom of accesibility of the homeopathic remedies and Homeopathic text books in Turkish.

In 2003 a classical homeopathy association was founded by a group of health care providers that consists of medical doctors, dentists and veterinarians whom one way or another has training in classical homeopathy. Since our last report to you our number of members has doubled to 90 and not all have proper training in classical homeopathy. We are offering the program of the InHom (European Institute of Homeopathy) in Germany to our new members. The instructor of the program is Gerhard Bleul, M.D. from Frankfurt Germany. We are very thankful for his services, efforts and unconditional intent to share information with the attendees of the courses.

Currently we have completed two A, B, C courses of the total six courses. All of the attendees are Medical doctors, Dentists, pharmacists and veterinarians. We intend to have new A and B courses the summer of 2008. Also we have plans to have the D course in September 2008 with Dr. Gerhard Bleul.

Most of our members haven't yet completed their training. As of this moment there are only 9 medical doctors and one veterinarian physician who have completed their proper training and are full time practicing classical homeopaths.

Aside from our organization of classical homeopathy training there is a Canadian and a German lay person who have courses on classical homeopathy as well. Most of the attendees are lay persons. Addition to the lay persons offering courses there is a M.D. from Greece who is offering courses to a mixed group of M.D.'s and lay persons as well.

We are looking to complete 3 main goals this year. One of which, is to join international associations like ECH and also the publication of the 6th edition of the organon in Turkish. Lastly the publication of the newsletter. Also the association offers guidance for the recognition and the regulation of classical homeopathy in Turkey. With this purpose at hand a packet, which consists of laws, by-laws and the constitution has been handed to the Department of Health Ministry.

Best regards.

Altunay Agaoglu, M.D.