National Vice President for Spain

  Dr. Antonio Marqués - NVP Spain

Dr. Antonio Marques Arpa
Calle Barcelona St. Nº12. Piso 3º.
Pta. 3., 38204 La Laguna Tenerife
Islas Canarias


E-Mail: spain[@]lmhint.net


Institutional LMHI Member (Affiliated Association)

  • Academia Medico Homeopatica de Barcelona (AMHB), www.amhb.net
  • Federación Espanola de Médicos Homeópatas Céfiro (F.E.M.H.), www.femh.org

LMHI Report Spain

The union among the main Spanish Medical Homeopathic Societies has accomplished the following: the 3rd National Homeopathic Congress by the SEMH held in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valladolid, the publication of the journal Revista de Medicina Homeopática, the joint opposition to the project of the Ministerial Decree for homeopathic medicines issued by the Ministry of Health.

The President of the National Assembly of Homeopathy represented the interests of the medical homeopaths on April 14, proposing legislation similar to that in Germany and France. The Supreme Court of Justice suspended the articles demanded by the Academia Médico Homeopática de Barcelona, supported by FEMH, SEMH, Dr. Ulrich Fischer, and Dr. Ton Nicolai during the legal process. At present, the decree is pending a final decision.