LMHI Report 2010 - Spain

By Dr. Antonio Marques Arpa, NVP for Spain


In September 2009, the Health and Consumer Commission of the Spanish Parliament proved unanimously "Homeopathy as a Medical Act" and called on the government to provide more legal regulation. In October 2009, the "II Journey of Homeopathy, Investigation and Science" took place, that counted on prestigious speakers and was supported by first medical, political and academic authorities. In December 2009, the assembly of Presidents from Spanish Medical Colleges ratified Homeopathy as a Medical Act. In Februar 2010, gatherings were initiated with the Medical Spanisch Association (OMC) and with other representatives from the MCA in order to promote a professional statute to the Ministry of Health. In June 2010, the IV National Congress of Homeopathy took place in Barcelona. The new legal registration of Homeopathic remedies is still pending. The project of the National Magazine of Homeopathy is ahead and the fourth issue has been published. It is convenient for associations that the necessity of a systematic work in collaboration with the media must be carried out.



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REPORT of Spain 2009-2010 for L.M.H.I

1) The Parliament

In September 2009, the Health and Consumer Commission of the Parliament proved unanimously a document that considered Homeopathy as a Medical Act and it requested the Government a heiter legal regulation. lt also recognized the work that doctors and pharmacists have carried out until nowadays and the sustainability of Homeopathy to the sanitary system. Moreover, the document also valued the Law of Medicament of 2006 and previous supports obtained by OMS (1978, 2002) and by Medical Spanish Association (OMC) from 1990 and 2006-2008. A political posterior valuation was considered from our point of view, if this approval doesn't oblie the Government, it was a support for a possible Future Legislation in favor of Medical Act.

II) II Journey of Homeopathy

In October of 2009 " II Journey of Homeopathy, lnvestigation and Science" took place in Tenerife (Canary Islands) with the approval of first medical, academic and political authorities. It counted an the support of the National Homeopathic Assembly (ANI-1) and its three promoter associations: FEMH, SEMH and AMHB, in representation of the Spanish associations. lt also counted an the presence of OMC (Dr. Naveda) and the member of the Parliament Mercedes Coello, who supported us with the parliarnentarian proceedings. The speakers who performed were the doctors: Fisher (Great Britain), Amengual (Spain) and Belon (France). The activities of the Day were in the Room of the Presidency of the Canary Government and with the presence in the inaugural act of the President of the Canary Parliament (Sr. Antonio Castro), among other authorities.

111) Assembly of Presidents of Medical Colleges

In December of 2009 the Assembly of Presidents of Medical Colleges of Spain (OMC) ratif4ed that Homeopathy is a Medical Act. This decision was posterior of others obtained in 2006, 2007 and 2008 contributing the last necessary step to the official recognition by this important medical Spanish association which gathers about 160,000 doctors of Spain and in which must be obligatory registered all Spanish doctors who want to practice their profession. Although these decisions of the OMC don't totally oblie the Government, this was an indispensable and previous step to obtain in the future better cänditions of regulation.

IV)       A commission creation to initiate Works for u traure professional regulation

In February of 2010 gatherings with the Medical College Organization (OMC) and with other representatives of MCA were initiated, to promote a professional statute to the Ministry of Health. This gathering was aller the emission of a document, elaborated by a ministery's Commission (Education, Health) and the provinces, and wind' came out 28/12/2009 with the solicitation of amendrnents to the different professional associations of the sector. In that sense, we are expecting that a document is presented about this theme in few months by the OMC.

V)     Barcelona Congress

In June of 2010 the IV National Congress of Homeopathy will take place in Barcelona. lt is promoted by the three associations more numerous of Spain: FEMH, SEMH and Medical Homeopathic Academy of Barcelona. lt will constitute a great opportunity to share clinical experiences and theoretical reflections, to connect with general expectations of development of our profession in Spain for the next two years.

VI)    Officiol rezistration of homeopathic tnediearnents.

It's still pending some legal aspects for a registration of homeopathic medicaments which let more possible accessibility.

VII)           Campairzn in die media

What happened in United Kingdom has an important media repercussion in Spant with a diversity of the treatment by the different media. lt's convenient in the future that Homeapathie Spanish associations consider the possibility of good contact with media and the necessity of establishing social networks in Internet.


Antonio Marques Arpa.

Vice-President for Spain of L.M.H.I