Sweden - Full LMHI-Report 2008

Report from Sweden April 2008

In Sweden we are still struggling with the new rules on registration on homeopathic medicinal products which also affects the access of the products for the practitioners.
The only way to treat a patient when the homeopathic remedy is not registered or on a "free list" (on the market before 1993 and until now not registered), is to tell the patients which remedy they need so that they can buy it abroad or on the internet for personal use. This is not a secure way to treat the patient.

The national vice president for Sweden have arranged (together with ECHAMP) the 2:nd Nordic meeting for ECHAMP in Stockholm in October 2007. One day all parts of the Nordic market were invited to a discussion about the situation in the Nordic Countries. There were also time for the ECHAMPs management to meet Swedish authorities where the national vice president for Sweden was the arranger, guide and contact person for the meetings.

In April 2008 LMHI Sweden has done a summery on the team World Homeopathy 2008 and sent to Dr Charles Amengual, LMHI Secretary for Education.

Organization: Numbers, titles and addresses of the different associations.
Head organization for Complementary and Alternative medicine
KAM - The Committee for Alternative Medicine
Turebergs Torg 1 6 tr.
SE 191 47 Sollentuna
Tel: +46 8 96 36 30
E-mail: info@kam.se
Web: www.kam.se

Association were members only are working with homeopathic medical products.
Svenska Akademin för Klassisk Homeopati (SAKH)
Tappströmsvägen 72
178 32 Ekerö
Members in total around 100, including students

Siv Tärnström
Bögatan 8
412 72 Göteborg
Amount of members not availebel

Legitimerade Sjuksköterskors Riksförening för Homeopati (LSRH)
Elisabeth Pelinder
Annetorpsvägen 51
216 23 Malmö
Member that work fulltime 2

NHF - Nordiska Homeopatförbundet
Adress not available (the association is not active for the moment)
Members that work with humans around 25

Associations were members can work with homeopahtic medicinal products
SNS, Svenska Naturmedicinska Sällskapet
c/o Björklundh, Vingag. 15, 352 63 Växjö
Members in total 101

SNLF, Svenska Naturläkarförbundet
c/o Lisbeth Österberg 
Aprilgatan 3, 465 31 Nossebro

Members in total 76

Svenska Homeopaters Riksförbund (SHR)
Sjöhults Gård
286 92 Örkelljunga
Members in total around 160 (all members are not educated in medicine)

Association for veterinary homeopathy
Riksförbundet för klassisk djurhomeopati (RKDH)
c/o Annalenas Djurcenter
Storgatan 51 B
Members in total 64 members but 32 full educated members

NHF - Nordiska Homeopatförbundet
Adress not available (association is not active for the moment)
Members for veterinary homeopaths total round 15

The amount of members based on data from the associations.

Schools: Names of homeopathic schools or courses.
There are only private schools that teach homeopathy in Sweden:
Nordenskiöldsgatan 24

Arcanum utbildning 
Sten Sturegatan 36
402 21 Göteborg

Nordiska Akademin för Klassisk Homeopati -NAKH
Kungsgatan 33
602 22 Norrköping

Materia Medica
Tullportsgatan 3E
761 30 Norrtelje

Sandstugevägen 4
147 60 Uttran

Svenska Homeopatiskolan
Slättervägen 7
182 47 Enebyberg
(new with start autum 2008)

Program of Activities: Homeopatic Congresses in the immediate past and the next year.

Homeopathic seminaries since July 2007

. DCG congress October 2007, Gothenburg
. ECHAMP 2:end Nordic meeting October 2007, Stockholm
. SAKH and SHR Homeopathic week 11 April 2008, Stockholm

University information course
. University of Uppsala Prof. Dan Larhammar is arranging a half day/year for information of homeopathy for medical, pharmacological students.
. Karolinska institutet, 2 or 3 weeks course called "Komplementärmedicin A" which is only for accredited doctors, nurses and student in medicine and nursing. They get 1½-2 hours information about homeopathy.

Publications: The names of the works given in the congress or meetings. None that we know about.
Magazines: The names and addresses of the publications and magazines.
We have no official magazine that could be bought in a store. But most of the associations have member's magazine. The address would be the same as to the associations.

"Homeopati för djur" is a magazine for animal homeopaths that could be subscribed: Homeopati för djur, Lisbeth Larsson, Kårtorp Södergården 54393 Tibro

Patient Magazines that patients and practitioners could subscribe is: Svenska föreningen för vetenskaplig homeopati Homeopatiska byrån, Byängsvägen 23, 187 36 Täby

There is a master thesis by Hedda Lidgard "Quackery or Complementary medicine" that mentions the legal situation in Sweden

5. Homeopathic product¨producer

DCG Nordic AB
Hulda Lindgrens gata 6

Magle AB
Fjälkestadsvägen 117
291 94 Kristianstad

Octean AB
1:a Långgatan 28 B
413 27 Göteborg

Plantamed AB
Box 4009

Svenska Bioforce AB
Borrsvängen 5
Södra Sandby

Weleda AB
Box 4
153 21 JÄRNA

Company that have permission to import and sell homeopathic products
Alpha Plus AB
Roxnäsvägen 6
791 44 FALUN

Biocomplex AB
Engelbrekts Väg 46

Biosan AB
Mohed 6604
08-3676 89

DCG Nordic AB
Hulda Lindgrens gatan 6
421 31 Västra Frölunda

Hans Frejborg AB
Fågelsångsvägen 9
186 42 Vallentuna

Jansson Immunobiologiska
Östra Bergsgatan 15

Octean AB
1:a Långgatan 28 B

Pflüger Sverige AB
Hessland 5074
452 97 Strömstad

Radiotron Hälsoprodukter AB
Fjälkestadsvägen 117

Scanfarma AB
Torsgatan 33

Svenska Bioteket AB

Umavit AB
Storgatan 20 A
903 21 UMEÅ