LMHI Armenia

National Vice-President for Armenia

  Mariam Gharabaghtzyan - NVP Armenia

Dr. Mariam Gharabaghtzyan
Mashtots St. 40a, Room 9
375001 Yerevan

E-Mail: armenia(at)lmhint.net


Institutional Member Organization:
Armenian Association of International Homeopaths, www.spyur.am/homeopat.htm

Country Report Armenia 2012

The Armenian Association of International Homeopaths, directed by Mariam Gharabaghtsyan, and "Nor Arev," the Association for the Promotion of Classic Homeopathy, directed by Sabine Zimmermann, organized our 4th International Homeopathic Congress from 21-24 May 2012. The speakers were the following: Dr. med. Johann Loibner (Austria), Dr. med. R. S. Pareek (India), Dr. med. Alok Pareek (India), Dr. med. Herbert Pfeiffer (Germany), Dr. med. Dario Spinedi (Switzerland), Dr. dent. Alberto Mazzocchi (Italy). About 100 homeopathic doctors from Armenia, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and Italy participated in the Congress, as did their patients, and students from medical university, who listened with great interest. Through "Nor Arev" we continue the homeopathic treatment of children at an orphanage in Yerevan. In October, Ms. Sabine Zimmermann visited Yerevan to conduct a seminar for Armenian homeopathic doctors.

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