Brazilian LMHI Report 2008

International Council Meeting, May 20th, 2008 - Oostende - Belgium

Report to:
Dr. Ulrich Fisher - President LMHI
Dr. Renzo Galassi - General Secretary LMHI

Dr. Matheus Marim - N.V.P. for Brazil - 2007/2010

For those who have been attending the LMHI International Council Meetings, the situation of Homeopathy in Brazil is undergoing an expansion process and it is now definitely a part of the Brazilian Health Public System, thus providing significant sustainable support to the PNPIC - National Policy for the Integrative and Complementary Practices within the SUS - Brazilian Unique Health System. Such results were achieved through significant contributions given by all colleagues working for the public health system in our country. The N.V.P. - LMHI wishes to publicly thank these professionals as well as continue to offer our collaboration.

On May 13 and 15, 2008, the 1st International Seminar for Integrative and Complementary Health Practices took place, with the participation of delegate members, and the only theme discussed was " The SUS That We Want".

The report "Homeopathy Brazil" will be completed by Dr. Corrado, a SUS participant, as a perfect horizontal line has been drawn between the Brazilian Homeopathy representatives and all represented parties. We all speak for all.

The speech by Dr. Corrado was shown in Rome during the Simposio Internazionale FIAMO - November, 16-18, 2007 - Brazil-Italy. The English version will be placed on the LMHI - NPV Brazil for viewing as soon as it becomes available.

On my part specifically, I invited colleagues, study groups and associations to take part of the LMHI activities, however no success was obtained. At the present time, there is huge institutional participation sluggishness in Brazil. Due to the pressures of financial survival, doctors are undermined by health agents/companies and are left with no time to take part of or collaborate with those groups that comprise the so-called cyber or virtual spaces.

In view of such reality, we were left with no choice but pursue the cyberspace by strengthening the works developed by the BVS-Homeopatia -Virtual Library in Homeopathy Health.

BVS-Homeopatia-Brazil is an integral part of the network BIREME - Caribbean and Latin American Centre for Information in Health Sciences, OPAS Specialized Centre - Pan-American Health Organization, established in Brazil since 1967, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Health Department for the State of São Paulo and Federal University of São Paulo.

BVS-Ho in an interface of Homeopathy for its users, providing access to scientific and technical information, unabridged texts and research information, using the HOMEOINDEX Data Base, which follows the methodology LILACS - Latin American Literature on Health Sciences, it also uses the structured vocabulary DeCS - Health Sciences Describer - for indexation of articles and all bibliographic material in Homeopathy.

For a better understanding of the work, we are attaching herewith some of the slides displayed at the meeting "BVS Network in Brazil" held on May 9, 2008 which had Homeopathy as a discussion theme within the BVS, considering its developments, all difficulties encountered, experiences, challenges, perspectives, and most importantly, the creation of a new future perspective that will strengthen the condition of BVS-Homeopatia as reference centre and a public information and knowledge asset. This material will contribute towards an analysis and evaluation of BVS for the 5th BVS Regional Coordination Meeting (BVS5) to take place in Rio de Janeiro on September 14-16, 2008, just before the 8th Regional Congress of Health Sciences Information - Rio de Janeiro, September 16-19, 2008.

Although representing the smallest of the segments within BVS (among Adolescence, etc.), Homeopathy, due to its amplitude and high technology support, is appointed as the main communication vehicle between Homeopathy and the new PNPIC - National Policy for Integrative and Complementary Practices, now being established in Brazil.

Meetings like this are taking place in other Latin American countries that form the BVS system. On May 9 and 13, 2008, meetings were held with representation from Argentina, Cuba, Ecuador and Uruguay.

Considering the perfect structure of BVS-Homeopatia Brazil, it should serve as example to other countries within the continent, provided the national idiosyncrasies are respected.

I openly and sincerely thank Mrs. Rosângela Fidelis Brambilla for all her efforts, patience and tolerance she has demonstrated during the last eight years of continuous hard work.

Many thanks.