Poland - Full LMHI Report 2008

Report about Homeopathy in Poland 2007/2008

Author of the report, Tomasz Kokoszczyński was nominated as new LMHI NVP for Poland. He is medical doctor, trained in classical homeopathy and working in his own homeopathic practice for ten years.

Legal situation of Homeopathy in Poland
Homeopathy is officially not recognized, but doctors can treat homeopathically without any interference. In Poland only medical doctors are allowed to treat patients. Polish homeopaths are associated in a few legal homeopathic associations.

On 4th April 2008 Poland's Supreme Medical Council adopted resolution disapproving homeopathy and calling it unethical.
The resolution seems to be not consistent with the Polish and European Pharmaceutical Law which accepts Pharmacopeia with homeopathic remedies. The resolution arouse many protests from homeopaths and homeopathic companies.

Homeopatic Associations in Poland:
. Polish Homeopathic Association (Polskie Towarzystwo Homeopatyczne) - Warsaw
. Great Poland Homeopathic Physicians' and Pharmacist' Association (Wielkopolskie Stowarzyszenie Homeopatów Lekarzy i Farmaceutów - WSHLIF) - Poznan
. Homeopathic Physicians' and Pharmacists Association of Lodz District
(Stowarzyszenie Homeopatów Lekarzy i Farmaceutów Regionu Łódzkiego - SHLiFRŁ) - Łódź
. Lublin Homeopathic Physicians' and Pharmacists Association
(Lubelskie Stowarzyszenie Homeopatów Lekarzy i Farmaceutów - LSHLiF)
. Pomeranian Homeopathic Physicians' and Pharmacists Association - Szczecin
(Pomorskie Stowarzyszenie Homeopatów Lekarzy i Farmaceutów - PSHLiF)
. Polish Association for Clinical Homeopathy (Polskie Towarzystwo Homeopatii Klinicznej) - supported by Boiron and CEDH.
. "Little Poland Homeopathic Physicians' Association" (Małopolskie Stowarzyszenie Lekarzy Homeopatów i Farmaceutów - MSHLiF) - Cracow
has suspended its activity.

Homeopathic Companies
Currently homeopathic remedies are available in Poland from Boiron, Jelinowski Laboratory, Heel, Sanum, Lehning and Dagomed, Wala, Decymal, Bionorica. Only Boiron and Jelinowski Laboratory supply single remedies commonly used in classical homeopathy.
Polish native manufacturer - Laboratory Jelinowski meet many obstructions from Polish Pharmaceutical Inspectorate and has stopped its production in 2006. Now he is trying to renew permissions, after positive judgment. Good news is that his remedies are legally available. It is the only source (apart from abroad) of LM potencies in Poland.
DHU (Deutsche Homöopathie-Union) withdraw their products and activities from Poland.
Homeopathic education
Main seminars in classical homeopathy are held by Polish Homeopathic Association (PTH) and Great Poland Homeopathic Physicians' and Pharmacist' Association (WSHLiF) -

Basic homeopathic training for medical doctors is organized by Center for Practical Training in Classical Homeopathy (Ośrodek Praktycznego Szkolenia Homeopatii Klasycznej) which arose from WSHLiF. The courses are according to German A-F system, with sequent repertorisation courses.

Homeopathic Symposia:

01.2007 - Presentation of homeopathy to Polish Pediatric Association
08.02.2007 - Scientific Conference - 115 years of PTH, Place of Homeopathy, Warsaw, PTH
03-04.03.2007 - Seminar of dr. Robert Koedel, Poznań, WSHLiF
25-28.04.2007 - Seminar of dr. Geukens, Poznań, WSHLiF
23-24.06.2007 - Seminar of dr. Eckhard v. Seckendorff, Poznań, WSHLiF
09-11.11.2007 - Seminar of dr. Dymek & dr Wika's
24.11.2007 - Scientific Conference, Warsaw, PTH: Homeopathy & Physics; Autism
01-02.12.2007 - Seminar of dr. Eckhard v. Seckendorff, Poznań, WSHLiF
11-12.01.2008 - Scientific Conference - Homeopathy - Strategy of medical proceedings - common workshops for homeopathic and non homeopathic medical doctors, Poznań, WSHLiF
26.01.2008 - Scientific Conference - Depressions, Warsaw, PTH
04.2008 - Scientific Conference - Civilizational entoxications, Warsaw, PTH
16-19.04.2008 - Seminar of dr. Geukens, Poznań, WSHLiF
20-22.05.2008 - Seminar of dr. Yogesh & dr. Sanjay Sehgal, Warsaw, PTH

Other seminars are organized by:
PTHK - www.pthk.pl (CEDH courses)
Sanum - www.sanum.com.pl
Boiron - www.boiron.pl

Boiron recently organizes courses in cooperation with medical organizations for doctors not specialized in homeopathy:
. In cooperation with: Academy of Continual Education - Lancet (Akademia Kształcenia Ustawicznego Lancet):
12.04.08 - Bydgoszcz; 19.04.08 - Katowice; 
17.04.08 - Kraków; 16.05.08 - Poznań
. In cooperation with Polish Neonatal Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Neonatologiczne)
1.04.08 - Poznań; 8.04.08 - Bydgoszcz; 15.04.08 - Lublin; 
16.04.08 - Rzeszów; 14.04.08 - Częstochowa; 15.04.08 - Kielce

Internet websites:
At present there are some polish internet websites about homeopathy, but only one has qualitative texts dedicated to classical homeopathy (by SHLiFRŁ):

At current there are two homeopathic periodical published in Polish language:
. Homeopatia Praktyczna, Similimum, classical homeopathy
Publishing House Similimum Poland publishes also translations of classical homeopathic books.
. Homeopatia Polska, grounded by Stanisław Jędrzejczyk, classical and mixed homeopathy, supported by PTHK (Boiron)

Future events
26-30 August 2009 Poland will organize the 64 Congress of LMHI.