for the International Council Meeting of the League
from NVP LMHI for Ukraine

Summary of the report:

Despite more than 170-years history of homeopathy, development of the homeopathic method in Ukraine takes place extremely slowly, only in the large regional centers, due to enthusiasm of individual persons. The number of homeopaths with education decreases. Thanks to speeches (performances) in the mass media, greater number of patients and doctors refer to homeopathy. However, as pharmacies in the majority of regions cannot offer qualitative domestic mono- and complex homeopathic medicines, physicians and their patients often get foreign medicines, mainly complex. In 2007-2008, in Kyiv and Kharkiv two dissertations on homeopathy and homeopathic pharmacy were defended. 14 seminars (Odessa, Donetsk, Kyiv, Lviv and Uzhgorod), two conferences (Crimea and Kyiv), one Collegium (Odessa), XII Hahnemann's Readings (Odessa), courses of advanced training (Kyiv, Simferopol, Kharkiv) were conducted in the country last year. The international cooperation on training of experts (with Russia, Romania, India) and to purchases of raw material for manufacture of medicines (the Great Britain, Austria, Germany, the USA) continues to develop. New publications of the Ukrainian homeopathic journals and annuals are published. Two books (Kyiv, Odessa) are being prepared for publication. There takes place a preparation to Lutsenko's Readings (Odessa, October, 2008) and to IV Congress of homeopaths of Ukraine (Kyiv, November, 2008). At the same time more than 70 % of the Ukrainian doctors calling themselves homeopaths work with complex remedies, and the Association of homeopaths of Ukraine in Kiev encourages it. On the whole the condition of homeopathy in Ukraine despite all efforts of individual experts in 9 regions of 27 should be considered as poor.


Number of members in the country (2008): 48 doctors (in 2007 - 47 colleagues, out from LMHI in 2008 - 4 person; come in 2008 - 5 colleagues).

Organizations: Numbers, titles and addresses of the different Associations
The number of associations of homeopaths in Ukraine is 19 (for 27 regions). For the first time the homeopathic Society has been formed in the capital of Ukraine (Kyiv), and separately from the Association of homeopaths of Ukraine (located in the same city). The following fact became interesting: Association of homeopaths of Ukraine began to duplicate homeopathic societies in the large regional centers. So, at the end of 2007 in Odessa, one more (second) society consisting of persons, practising homeopathy, not having (in the majority) education on homeopathy has been created. And members of this society were delivered lectures by employees of the department of nonconventional medicine (but not of homeopathy!) from the Crimea on the days off.

The largest of associations of homeopaths in Ukraine are:

  1. Odessa homeopathic Society (29 full and 25 associated members);
  2. Donetsk (33 full and associated members);
  3. Lviv (32).

A list of the Ukrainian homeopathic Societies and groups of homeopaths:
(Region, Chairman, Number of members, Contact)
Dnepropetrovsk Leonid Parakhnich 26 E-mail: lahesis@ukr.net
Donetsk Irina Sergeeva 33 E-mail: sergeevairina@yandex.ru
Uzhgorod Natalia Shkoda-Uljanova 23 E-mail: shkoda @emailuz.ua
Zaporizzhya Alla Sharapova 24 E-mail: alia sharapova@list.ru
Ivano-Frankivsk Natalia Bunchuzhnaja 7 Тел.: + 3803422-44821
Lviv Larisa Dehtyaryova 32 E-mail: westds@bigmir.net Web-site: www.holimed.lviv.ua
Odessa (does not enter the structure of Association of homeopaths) Olexandr Ivaniv 54 E-mail: ivaniv_dr@online.ua Web-site: http://www.polykhrest.od.ua
Odessa (a member of Association of homeopaths) Galina Kolesova 16 -
Rivne Tatyana Romanjuk 9 E-mail: romanvuk@ctv.rovno.ua
Kharkiv Jury Zelenin 28 E-mail: homeopat@vl.kharkov.ua
Khmelnitskyj Leonid Krivitskiy 11 E-mail: krivitskiy@ukr.net
Kyiv Natalia Kostinskaya 22 E-mail: protos@g.com.ua
Cherkassy Olga Danilenko 12 -
Chernigiv Alexander Babushkin 20 -
Chernivtsy Maria Kutsak 14 E-mail: mmk@,connect.cv.ua
Crimea Konstantin Solovjev 27 E-mail:solo@pop.cris.net
Vinnitsa Larisa Hutsol 27 E-mail:myelinor@hotmail.comWeb-site:http://www.drhutsol.vn.ua/
Ternopil Igor Yarosevych 20 E-mail:yarosevych@tr.ukrtel.net
There are no association's of homeopaths in other regions.

In Kiev there is an office of Association of homeopaths of Ukraine (Executive director is Zoya Dergacheva). Address: Zоуа Dergacheva, P.O. Box 176, Kyiv, 01032 Ukraine. E-mail: valenti@ehl.kiev.ua WEB-SITE: http://www.homeopat-ua.org

Schools: names of homeopathic schools or courses. Report about teaching activities and the type of homeopathic training which takes place in our country:
A Shupik's National Medical Academy of postdiploma educations in Kyiv is the only official place of teaching. The course of postdiploma training of 200 hours of duration is taught by its head - senior lecturer Olexander Moshchych. The address: O.P. Moshchych, Department of Homeopathy, 9 Dorogozhiska St., Kyiv, 04112 Uraine. E-mail: homeopat@i.com.ua

There is still the Institute of homeopathy by A.V. Popov, the Popovs' School and faculty of homeopathy at the Medical Institute of the Ukrainian Association of nonconventional medicine, but without issuing official certificates. Elective courses of homeopathy are still introduced into programs of all medical high schools in Ukraine. Education on homeopathic pharmacy can be received in Kharkiv and Lviv. The faculty of nonconventional medicine of the Crimean Medical University (which employees have no notions about work with homeopathic patients) also tries to give education on homeopathy, including exit cycles (which are delivered by a pharmacist, not a doctor).

Doctors and pharmacists receive the basic part of information during training abroad (India, Greece, Russia, Bulgaria), and at seminars of leading experts from other countries in Ukraine. So, in 2007-2008, there were 8 seminars of experts from Russia and Romania (Donetsk, Kyiv) in Ukraine. For the same period 19 Ukrainian experts arttended seminars in India, Russia (representatives of Odessa and Kharkov). The last international seminar (by the Romanian colleague George Zhurzh) took place in Kyiv on April, 11-13th, with participation of 40 experts from Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic republics (but there were less than 20 Ukrainian colleagues).
Program of Activities: the programs of the congresses in the immediate past and the next year
In 2007 there were conducted: XI Hahnemann's Readings (Kyiv); conference on nonconventional medicine (Crimea); conference of Association of professional practicing homeopaths in Gaspry (Crimea); interregional homeopathic conference (Odessa); 10-th Collegium of homeopaths (October, Odessa); annual Readings in memory of D.V. Popov (November, Kyiv).

In the first months of 2008 there were: conferences of Club of homeopaths in Odessa (February, March), XII Hahnemann's Readings (April, Odessa), conference of the new Kyiv homeopathic Society of professor N.Ye. Kostinskaya (February, Kyiv), conference on nonconventional medicine and homeopathy (May, Crimea), conference on nonconventional medicine and homeopathy (March, Kharkiv).
In 2007 the Ukrainian homeopaths participated in all significant international events in homeopathy: the Congress of the LMHI in Puebla, conferences in Heidelberg and Ettlingen, in large international seminars. In 2008 the Ukrainian homeopaths have participated: in conferences in Moscow, St.-Petersburg (Russia) where they delivered reports; in seminars and conferences in Russia, India. Besides, about 40 sessions of regional and interregional associations of experts on homeopathy took place in different regions of Ukraine.

In 2008 it is planned to conduct: Lutsenko's Readings (October, Odessa), Annual conference in memory of D.V. Popov (November, Kyiv), IV Congress of homeopaths of Ukraine (November, Kyiv), seminar's of the Russian and French experts in Donetsk (quarterly) and in Kyiv (November). The Ukrainian experts will participate in professional forums in the CIS countries and abroad as well as in the Congress of the League in Belgium.

Publications: The names of the works given in the congresses or meetings. National publications on Homeopathy
Publishing activity in 2007-2008 was the worst of 10 years of Ukraine in the League. In Odessa there were published X (2007) and XI (2008) volumes of "Ukrainian homeopathic annual". In Kyiv 2 issues of "The Bulletin of homeopathic medicine" were published in 2007. A colourful Catalogue with the Nomenclature of homeopathic medicines (more than 2000 names of monoremedies) has been published in Odessa. Circulations of the specified editions have been reduced for the first time since 1998, as the number of classical homeopaths in the country is diminishing, and the economic condition of Ukraine does not allow to develop homeopathic medicine and publishing adequately. At present 2 books (Odessa, Kyiv) are being prepared for publication. A textbook on homeopathy by N. Simeonova announced for publication two years ago in Kiev was not published.
There were no new editions for the population FOR THE LAST YEAR.
The Ukrainian practicing homeopaths and pharmacists published only 45 articles in various collections and works of forums in Russia, Ukraine (that is also a very low figure) in 2007-2008.
Homeopathic magazines (including addresses)
The magazine "Bulletin of homeopathic medicine" founded in 1900 in Kharkiv, then published in Odessa and Kiev is the oldest (more than 100 years) in Ukraine. The publishing house is in Kiev, format А5, circulation of 100 copies, at the Popovs' School and Association of homeopaths of Ukraine. In Odessa "The Ukrainian Homeopathic Annual' (circulation - 450 copies) is published annually, Format А4. Publications are in the Ukrainian, Russian, English languages, less often - in German and French. Except for articles of practical and scientific orientation, cases from practice, the magazine also contains historical materials. In 2008 there was published the 11th volume of the Annual.
The articles of homeopaths are very seldom published in other medical magazines.
Activities of homeopathic veterinaries, dentists and pharmacists
Homeopathist veterinary science in our country is not developed. Individual doctors who are family doctors, apply homeopathic medicines in treatment of pets. However, Odessa edition of "The Ukrainian Homeopathic Annual" has introduced a new section into the edition since 2007 - on veterinary homeopathy where three articles are already published.

Application of homeopathy in dentistry as before is made only by two experts in Kiev and Odessa.
Homeopathist pharmacy. The central Kyiv homeopathic pharmacy №12 due to economic problems, has replaced a premise since March, 2008 (today it is not working yet). Dnepropetrovsk medical Academy has begun work of a homeopathic pharmacy in its structure since March, 2008 (which has been closed since the 70th of the XX century). Only one year works the second homeopathic pharmacy in Odessa which (in absence of the trained personnel and appropriate pharmatheka) since its opening has been using unscrpulous competitive technologies, and gives out patients unchecked medicines. A new pharmacy (the third) have opened in Donetsk, but sells only complex and foreign drugs. Annually experts on homeopathic pharmacy gather for professional conference in Kharkiv.
Homeopathic pharmacies (by regions): Kyiv - 5; Kharkiv - 2; Simferopol - 2; Donetsk-3; Odessa-2; Dnepropetrovsk - 2; Nikolaev, Zaporozzhya, Poltava, Lviv, Vinnitsa, Sevastopol, Krivyj Rig, Chernivtsi, Makeyevka - by 1; in other regions (in 9 of 27) - homeopathic departments at the pharmacies. Today the leading pharmacies in Ukraine are:
Southeast and Southwest region - Odessa homeopathic pharmacy №5 (ph.+380(48)7266755)
Address: Apteka №5, 13 Tyrasposkaya St. Odessa, Ukraine. E-mail: apteka5@ukrpost.net
Central and Northern regions - Kyiv pharmacy №12
Address: 61 Otradnyj Prospect, Kyiv, Ukraine (ph.+380(44)4552501)
The greatest number of monoremedies (2300) are in Odessa homeopathic pharmacy. In Dnepropetrovsk - 980, Kyiv - nearly 1000, in Donetsk - 650, in Simferopol - 530. The greatest number of references - in Odessa and Kyiv pharmacies. The state inspection on quality assurance of medicines has already started control of homeopathic pharmacies.


There are also national manufacturers of complex medicines: "Arnica" (Kharkiv), "The National Homeopathic Union" (Kyiv), "Phyta", "Peak-Crimea" (Simferopol). A number of preparations are officially certificated at manufactures of Kharkiv area.

Homeopathic libraries (including addresses)
There are no homeopathic libraries in Ukraine. Owing to Odessa Homeopathic Society departments of the homeopathic literature are created in: 1) National scientific-medical library (Kyiv, 7 Tolstoy str.); 2) library of Odessa state medical university (Odessa, 2 Valikhovsky lane). Some editions have been transferred to homeopathic departments of National library named by M. Gorky (Odessa). There is a library at the Popovs' School (Kyiv). And a small libraries - for all homeopathic regional societies.

Homeopathic Laboratories/manufactureres (including addresses)
The basic industrial activity takes place in homeopathic pharmacies. Monopreparations are made as intrapharmacy preparations. Kinds of medicines: granules, drops, solutions of LM-potenties, suppositories, opodeldocs, ointments, creams, eye drops, nasal drops, syrups. The basic laboratory in Ukraine is the Odessa homeopathic pharmacy: Address: Apteka №5, 13 Tyraspolskaja str., Odessa Ukraine. E-mail: apteka5@ukrpost.net
LABORATORIES, manufactures which make the licensed complex medicines:
1) the National Homeopathic Union
Address: NHU, 37/2 Gogolivska str., Kyiv, 04053, Ukraine. E-mail: nhu@ulirpack.net
2) Society of limited liability "Arnica"
Address: "Arnica", Samerovskij str., 4, Kharkiv, 61003, Ukraine.
E-mail: arnica@kharkov.ukrtel.net
3) Society of limited liability "Peak-Crimea"
Address: P.O. Box 1410, Simferopol, 95000, Ukraine. E-mail: harmony@crimea.com
4) Society of limited liability "Phyta"
Address: Apteka "Fita", 33 Kalinina str, Simferopol, 95000, Ukraine.
Research activities of the national associations.
In 2007-2008, due to unfavourable political-economical situation in the country, such researches were not conducted.
Researches on studying initial plants and minerals, matrix tinctures and medicines of the first dilutions, with the use of chemical and physical tests still take place in Lviv and Kharkiv, at the pharmaceutical universities,.
Political activities, strategies, new developments
As it has been more than once told, activity of the Ukrainian homeopaths is low.
Strategic directions of development of homeopathy in the country should be considered:
- The further spread of knowledge about homeopathy for doctors and the population;
- The report of trustworthy information about true value of homeopathy and falsification in homeopathic pharmacy to the population and doctors;
- Struggle against untidiness of individual doctors and pharmacists;
- An exchange of experience (with native and foreign colleagues);
- Creation of a uniform network of the information for all interested persons;
- Work with Ministry of Health and legislature on acceptance of the documents necessary for homeopaths and manufacturers of medicines;
- Integration of a homeopathic method into the existing system of medical aid to the population;
- Participation in work of the international professional medical associations and profile committees of the League;
- Introduction of legal acts: 1) on the informed consent of patients to homeopathic treatment; 2) on legalization of the homeopathic method and manufacture of homeopathic medicines.

Oleksandr P. Ivaniv, NVP LMHI for Ukraine (ivaniv_dr@online.ua)