LMHI Uruguay

by Dra. Liliana Brea, NVP

There are two homeopathic Associations in Uruguay:

  • The Association of Homeopathic Medicine of Uruguay (AMHU). It carries out regular courses of homoeopaths' formation for doctors and veterinarians, of 3 years duration, as well as courses of superior level for homoeopaths professionals. It holds a monthly symposium and provides polyclinic assistance for low income people. It publishes the magazine of "Medicina Homeopática".
  • The Hahnemann Homeopathic Medical School of Uruguay (EMHHU). It carries out regular courses of homoeopaths' formation for doctors, veterinarians of 3 year duration. It holds a monthly symposium.

Homeopathy in Uruguay is developed mainly in the private environment.
There are about 200 medical homeopaths and 30 veterinary doctors formed in Uruguay.
The Ministry of Public Health although it allows the doctors to prescribe homeopathic medicines, it doesn't recognize it as medical specialty.
Homeopathic medicines are legally recognized by the sanitary authorities of the country.

One of the objectives of our Associations is that Homeopathy is recognized as medical act and it can be integrated to the University teaching.
Coming closer to this objective, in the year 2005 was dictated a course of Veterinary Homeopathy in the Univesity Veterinary for advanced students.The course was dictated by the the professors of the AMHU.
We have also held conversations with the Ministry of Public Health with the purpose of that the Homeopathy will be recognized as a specialty .
In November of 2005, the 60º Pan-American Congress of Homeopathy, organized by the AMHU., took place in Montevideo, Uruguay.

In October 2007, at the premises of the Uruguayan Medical Syndicate, the first integration meeting of the Uruguayan Homeopathic Associations took place. This event was organized in a joint effort by the AMHU and EMHHU.