LMHI Colombia

National Vice-President for Colombia

Dr. John Eduardo Bastidas-Meza
Calle 134 No. 7B - 83 Consultorio 406
Tel/Fax +57-1-6 27 09 80
Bogotá D.C.


E-Mail: jebastidas@hotmail.co / info@ascohom.co

National Organisations (Institutional LMHI Members)


Invitation ASCOHOM 5 October 2013

Second Annual Update Conference of Homeopathy
5 October 2013, Bogotá D.C. - Colombia
"Los Síntomas Mentales en la Práctica Clínica Diaria"

E-Mail: info@ascohom.co

History of Homeopathy in Colombia

Homeopathy appears in Europe and is extended to Colombia finding as pioneer Dr. José Víctor Sanmiguel, medical doctor, who graduated in Spain and who also graduated as pharmacist in Bogotá. He began his studies on homeopathy as self-educated towards the year 1835 and afterwards he set up a group in order to study Hahnemann’s doctirne. In 1837, together with Dr. Hipólito Villamil, Dr. Luis Hernando Álvarez Santillano, and his own son, Dr. José Peregrino Sanmiguel, they conceived a first attempt to formalize homeopathy with the foundation of the Instituto Homeopático de los Estados Unidos de Colombia (Homeopathic Institute of the United States of Colombia)...

History of Homeopathy in Colombia