Report of the development of Homeopathy in Estonia in 2008 for the LMHI

Dear colleagues,

In the year 2007, a difficult event happened in the Estonian Homeopathic Union (EHU). On his 82nd birthday the founder of EHU and long-time president and later honourary member Dr. T. Kangur died. I would like to ask you all to stand up for 1 minute in order to commemorate him. Thank you!

You can read the facts about his life and his activities in the addition to my report. We are planning to establish a museum in order to show his books, personal belongings and to deal with the issues connected with the history of Estonian homeopathy. Also there is a plan to compile a book about the life of Kangur´s life, which he himself started writing.

In other aspects, the development of homeopathy in Estonia is going peacefully. The number of homeopaths nor the members of LMHI has not changed significantly.

When talking about schools, there is still represented the Belgian-Russian, Finnish and Mr. Vithoulkas´s schools, an English school has been added. Doctors-homeopaths visit courses in Bulgaria, Russia (in Moscow and St. Petersburg). A more interesting experience was the visit of dr. Pareek´s courses in February in India. I think that the next year there will be more people who would like to visit him. A group of doctors is also planning to go to the courses in Germany (the subject is cancer treatment).

The first exams in the vocational standards of Estonian homeopathy have been passed. These exams are mainly based on Finnish school. The union of different schools of homeopathy is in creation in Estonia. We will soon open our website, where the events of EHU and Estonian homeopathy will be published around the year. Also the EHU meetings and patients´ discussions are taking place.
Different homeopaths have lectured about homeopathy, and introduced homeopathy during expositions. I myself have last year written to press 2 articles and given to doctors two lectures.

Best wishes,
Dr. Saima Tišler
LMHI Vice President for Estonia