The History of Homeopathy in Hungary

Up to 1948, homoeopathy was a beloved and popular medicine in Hungary, with many clinics and pharmacies. There were two cathedras in the Budapest Medical University on Homoeopathy.

The regime prohibited the homoeopathy in 1948. Between 1948 and 1991 there was no homoeopathy in Hungary at all.

The prohibition was solved 1991. This year the regime established, that homoeopathy is not forbidden in Hungary any more. Since then people can be healed and doctors can work with homoeopathy.
We had to start all the building of education and healing with homoeopathy from zero. Between 1991 and 1997 the Hungarian Homoeopathic Medical Association organized numerous courses and seminars, and some Hungarian doctors started to practice with this method.
As we do not produce any homoeopathic remedies in Hungary, we are importe them all. This means some difficulties in practising homoeopathy, but we hope, in in some years we will have the posibility to produce the remedies within the country.

In summer 1997, a law appeared about alterative methods in medicine including the regulation of homoeopathy. It determined that homoeopathy is a medical method of healing.

Now our nearest task is to organize a possibility for official recognized examination, after which homoeopathic doctors can become a legal justification about their specialization from one of the Medical University in Hungary.