Egypt - LMHI Report 2008

As for Egypt, the situation here is very different that I don't really know how to phrase it in a report to look professional.

Homeopathy started in Egypt beginning 1994 by a small group of people around maybe 10, most of them non medical except for 3.

It was through an agreement with the Society of Homeopathy for change that they started to send a homeopath from England every 3months to teach for 10days. That agreement lasted for 3years then we shifted to another one with London International College of Homeopathy where we were sent a Homeopath every month to stay for one week and that offer lasted 2years, afterwards the old group graduated with 5yrs Certificate & the second group graduated with 2yrs Certificate.

Since then 2 3yrs courses were run by a colleague here from the old group, who brought the Curriculum from Lakeland college in the U.K. and started to teach it. Another course was run by another colleague for a year or little bit more.

On the whole the number of Medical Homeopath in the 5 groups is not many, and it's only lately in the past 2yrs that Drs started to become interested and join.

I don't have the exact number of Drs as I never announced any activity because of the Weird situation of Homeopathy in Egypt, as it is not legal to practice Homeopathy and the ministry of Health doesn't approve of it, but we still practice.

As for me I practice in a hospital, I appear in T.V. shows talking about Homeopathy and I've been interviewed in many magazines and newspapers but still my situation is addressed as illegal.

My visit to the Congress this time is because I've decided to come out of the silence and start to do something, and I'm aiming to benefit from your experience to help me achieve this specially that I'm planning on announcing to the few medical homeopath in Egypt the LMHI activities and Goals so that maybe next time your support extend to holding one of your Congresses in Egypt.

Best Regards

Dr. Hana Shams