LMHI Netherlands

National Vice-President for the Netherlands

Hetty N. Buitelaar - NVP NetherlandesMw. Hetty N. Buitelaar
Floris Burgwal 194
2907 PL Capelle a.d. IJssel


E-Mail: netherland[at]lmhint.net


Affiliated National Organization:

AVIG-homeopathic medicine, www.avig.nl

Country Report: Homeoapthy in the Netherlands

The newly founded Association of Physicians for Integral Medicine (AVIG) is open to members of VHAN, all doctors of homeopathy, the association for doctors of naturopathy, neural and regulation therapy and biophysical therapy.

In the Netherlands, there are concerns about the availability of homeopathic remedies. Health insurance companies no longer pay for medical investigations ordered by homeopathic doctors. We had eight students for homeopathic basic training who proceeded into the next year of training. Three students received diplomas as doctors for homeopathy. The government suspended the re-registration for physicians in the register of the Law on Medical Profession (BIG). The contacts of our professional organization with the government and with our regular colleagues will be continued.