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  Dr. Altunay Söylemez Ağaoğlu - NVP Turkey

National Vice-President

Dr. Altunay Söylemez Ağaoğlu
1388 sok. No:6 :D:2
Alsancak , 35220 , Izmir


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Affiliated LMHI Member Organization (Institutional Member)

Situation of Homeopathy in Turkey

Currently, homeopathy is not legally recognized nor is it regulated by the Turkish Ministry of Health. According to the World Health Organization guidelines and their definitions of T/CAM (Traditional and Complementary Alternative Medicine), only the practice of acupuncture is regulated in Turkey. Though homeopathy is not regulated the physicians preserve all the rights to treat their patients at all means, which conversely allows the physician to practice homeopathy in this case. One of the main problems we battle is the inconveniences of not having the freedom of accesibility of the homeopathic remedies. And the other main problem we face is the exponentially increasing numbers of medical doctors claiming to practice homeopathy without the proper training in classical homeopathy.

In 2003, a classical homeopathy association was founded by a group of health care providers that consists of medical doctors, dentists and veterinarians whom one way or another has training in classical homeopathy. However there are two other associations that are mixed in nature by their by-laws and offer modules also to lay-practitioners. Consequently there are many lay practitioners of homeopathy as well. At the moment only 12 MD's and veterinarians are practicing homeopathy in their practice. But there is a very high demand on the homeopathy courses from pharmacists and MD's.

The Turkish Classic Homeopathy Association is a member of LMHI and ECH and the courses have been accredited by LMHI since 2013.

The veterinarian practice of homeopathy is very well defined and regulated.