National Vice-President for Egypt

  Hana Shams, M.D. (Egypt)

Dr. Hanna Shams
Cairo Medical Tower, Clinic 805
55, Abdul Muniem Riad
Cairo - Moheendiseen

E-Mail: egypt@lmhint.net

National Organization
Egyptian Scientific Society of Homeopathy (ESSH), www.egyptssh.com

Country Report: Homeopathy in Egypt

Homeopathy started in 1994 by a small group of mostly non-medical individuals. Various entities in the UK conducted courses over the years. Subsequently, two 3-year courses were taught by an Egyptian colleague. A second course was conducted by another colleague for about a year. The number of medical homeopaths is small, but in the past two years more doctors have joined. It is not legal to practice homeopathy and the Ministry of Health does not approve of it, but we still practice. As for me, I practice in a hospital, appear on T.V. shows talking about homeopathy, and have been interviewed in many magazines and newspapers, and am planning to publicize the LMHI activities and goals so that maybe next time your support will extend to holding a Congress in Egypt.

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The history of homeopathy in Egypt